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Tuula Tertsunen is a Swedish/Finnish director of documentary and an artist of life. She grew up with film. Her parents ran a movie theater in Helsingfors in Finland at 60`s early 70´s and as a child she was able to breathe in the environment and atmosphere of Hollywoods dream factories. Her documentary "i Hjärtat är jag ju Same" has been widely acclaimed as a brilliant epic of identity.

"My first documentary had its premiere this year in 2006. I have always had a big interest in social questions and I believe that film is a tool to influence and raise thoughts and feelings within both you and me".

That is Tuulas own description of her work with this movie. It is free for everyone to view on this webpage, but ordinary restrictions for copyright and authors work apply.

Though thoughts and dreams are important fuel for creating true art, money is another. Tuulas creations is a direct result of donations, your contribution is important for the future of film.

"I have a dream and I am blessed to live it"

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